2 OR 4 CUBIC YARDS dumpster
2 or 4 cubic yards

These are the smallest dumpster sizes available, suitable for smaller home projects, lighter space clearing, and small businesses or offices.

Dimensions 2yd dumpster: L 6', H 3'5", W 3'

Dimensions 4yd dumpster: L 6', H 5', W 5'

Rent a 2 or 4 yd dumpster

6 OR 8 CUBIC YARDS dumpster
6 or 8 cubic yards

These are good mid-sized dumpsters suitable for a variety of needs, including lighter and medium waste from construction, renovation or landscaping work, or regular use by larger offices, buildings or warehouses.

Dimensions 6yd dumpster: L 6', H 5'5", W 5'5"

Dimensions 8yd dumpster: L 6', H 6', W 6"

Rent a 6 or 8 yd dumpster

10 cubic yards

10 cubic yards are suitable for everything from home cleaning or renovation, landscaping, and construction waste.

Dimensions 10yd dumpster: L 10', H 3'6", W 6"

Rent a 10 yd dumpster

20 cubic yards

This size is suitable for larger home or business renovation projects, and some construction projects.

Dimensions 20yd dumpster: L 20', H 4', W 8'

Rent a 20 yd dumpster

30 cubic yards

This is one of the largest sizes, suitable for various larger construction, renovation or demolition jobs.

Dimensions 22yd dumpster: L 22', H 5'6", W 8'

Rent a 30 yd dumpster

40 cubic yards

The largest size available, suitable for handling very large amounts of waste from major scale construction, renovation and demolition projects.

Dimensions 22yd dumpster: L 22', H 8', W 8'

Rent a 40 yd dumpster